I found the first trailer to be particularly bad, actually. Sure, it looked good, but the apparent plot and music did not exactly remind me of the holiday. It looked like your average movie dressed up in excellent artwork. The guy sounds like he gets the holiday, though. Trailers are not representative of the actual… » 7/27/14 1:20pm Yesterday 1:20pm

It's extremely presumptuous and belligerent to consider his apology disingenuous, among the other disgusting words presented here. Also, the fact that you discuss consent as a result of his post defines invitation to discuss consent. Just like you infer whatever meaning you wish, it is also possible for others. » 7/15/14 9:29pm 7/15/14 9:29pm

The irony is that, besides the clear outliers of assholes that this mostly refers to, it has perfectly reasonable aspects. Especially when considering we do not at all live in a world where things are as simple as male/female or black/white/etc. Myself being one of the etc. » 7/09/14 2:22am 7/09/14 2:22am

Perhaps spending limits, then? I don't think there should be any reason to go to an expensive restaurant on a regular basis. Travel is fine, but nothing more than coach. Food is fine, but nothing more than a basic allotment for three meals a day, depending on the city. » 7/02/14 8:56am 7/02/14 8:56am