This actually makes a lot of sense and looks really good even though it seems very much like a Namor rip-off. And, actually, I think the iconic chest-S is what's kept him so clothed all this time. The lack of it kind of kills the image of Superman as he's come to be known the last 3/4 century. » 9/20/14 4:39pm Today 4:39pm

Damn, I have none of those things at my job. Not anymore. I used to have a fairly high level of autonomy, mastery, and purpose, but now I have none of any of them. Fucking management, which did not change in personnel, merely attitude, is a joke. » 9/18/14 5:41pm Thursday 5:41pm

Is this really common or is this a case of a vocal minority? In other words, among the millions of people in the comic culture, is it a fraction of a percent of people behave this way or a substantial number? I mean, yeah, being an asshole is bad, not disputing that, but is the implication that geeks are assholes to… » 8/28/14 5:00pm 8/28/14 5:00pm

I think it's extremely practical to have a school day that starts later. There's a great clinging to tradition with regard to "business hours" and the like. Just like people don't learn at the same rates, people don't sleep at the same times. Too often do business owners and the government ignore research for too long… » 8/26/14 6:55pm 8/26/14 6:55pm

Good list! Especially #1. It's great to have the option to do almost anything with a computer that you would ever want by getting a moderately powerful desktop PC, which will outclass all but the priciest of laptops, which could cost you $1,000 or more over a desktop + laptop. Not to mention that it is essentially a… » 8/23/14 9:59am 8/23/14 9:59am

Writing non-leading questions can be tough at times, but I've found most surveys do so quite well. That said, surveys try to ask one's opinion on things with far more subtleties than a simple 1-10 ranking would allow for. Where does "don't ban it, but keep them outside and away from entrances and other places where… » 8/17/14 9:07am 8/17/14 9:07am

I see people nominated 2/3 of the actual best cards. Chase Freedom is arguably better than Capital One Quicksilver considering the rotating rewards, though there is the fact that 1.5% going towards everything makes things simpler and you already have Discover, which does similar things as Chase Freedom. Personally, I… » 8/17/14 8:54am 8/17/14 8:54am

I watched about half, and it was slow. And not in a way that could be construed as meaningful; it just repeated a lot of the same information over and over again and had tropes galore. The main character seems artificially put together, almost like someone took everything that could make someone a "tough girl," from… » 8/10/14 9:56pm 8/10/14 9:56pm

The PS2 is definitely the king of this kind of retrospective. I'm happy Sony has taken the initiative to put some of the best PS2 titles up for sale and sell them, during sales, for a reasonable price. The Dolphin emulator keeps me from having to buy a Wii, which I'm glad for, but PS2 emulators still prove inadequate… » 8/10/14 7:42pm 8/10/14 7:42pm